Beauty Behind War

The task for this project is to produce a series of at least six photographs that are based on some aspect of photography and narrative. Essentially, this project is about constructing and experimenting with photographic images. The theme is narrative which has the potential for a wide range of interpretations and should be used as a vehicle to explore the creative interaction between materials, processes and ideas.

My original ideas for this project included the use of photographing sports players whilst in their chosen sport before and after their matches; thus allowing the viewer to see the difference in their facial reactions. Also, I was going to photograph players in their every-day workings jobs and then print the pictures in their sports positions and line-ups.

However, I decided to approach this project a little differently compared to how everyone else will be approaching it – I shall be using video games and their photo modes to produce photographs which give off the narrative and theme I want to create; “how can something look so beautiful throughout the midst of war?”



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